[Fanart] Drawings / VSA Bet de Arashi fan-manga

I've posted this fan-manga a while ago on my journal and other comms, thought I'll give a contribution to this comm as well ^^

I'm sure we're all were flailing when watching VS Arashi Bet de Arashi episode which aired on 2015.10.01, the one where they were asked who they would like to get married to.
And Sho chose Aiba! All the Sakuraiba feels~ I can't help but to make this (>///<)

Just click the picture to find out how Sho made up his mind when choosing between Aiba and Nino ^^
The full version is on my journal agogo_kun :)

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Title: pre-school Sakuraiba
Author: sushi4ever
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/Aiba Masaki
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Summary: They are together from the beginning.
1- I wish I own chibi sakuraiba.
2- This all are fiction 

A/N: this is a season 2 from chibi sakuraiba.. you could read it here but you could read it alone also.

previous chapters : [ chapter 1] | [ chapter2 ] | [ Chapter 3] | [chapter4]

( chapter 5 )


A/N : *cough hard and clean the dust* Finally new chapter of this fic is here ><, I realized that I have 2 chapters I wrote but never post it O.O so I decided to post it^^ since I plan to minimaize the un-finished fics that I had ><...* heavy sigh* I hope that someone STILL interested in this fic XD and I am VERY SORRY to neglect my fanfic worls m(_ _)m, please comment^^ it will make me happy

Note: will be lock after a week, you can join my fanfic community so easily^^



Tittle: dangerous Drunk
Author: sushi4ever
lovemasasho << thank you a lot^^
Pairing: Sakuraiba
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
summary: What happen after Abunai yakai staff finished filming in Sho'sHOTEL IN miyagi
Disclaimer: I dont own sakuraiba....I wish

This fic requested from suetlana81

( " Your boyfriend is here Aiba chan." Nino said casually and threw himself onto the nearest chair in Aiba"s room. )

A/N: *throw dust away from my fanfic community and cough* Hello everybody~~ I am still alive and didnt dead yet XD... I was just having a break... and I am back now^^... sorry for abunding my community...I feel so bad of it... but well, I will try my best to update it again... so as a start here a smutty one shot that I hope you would like^^ I hope people still remember me O.O

[Fanfic] Sauternes

Title: Sauternes
Author: cherry_akira
Pairing: Kageyama x Sasakura Ryu
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut!
Summary: Kageyama was trained as a butler to know how to care and to cook for his heiress...and most importantly how to choose the best wine for her. How did Kageyama improve on choosing the wine when he himself is a non-alcoholic drinker?
Warning: Unbetaed! Readers there will may be some minor changes if you are to look for this fic again, but please do enjoy!

[daily post] Aiba-chan being hentai (or just me... xD)

Hi guys, this post won't be long actually but since I got the chance to post something I wanted to share a few pictures that simply made me think about Sakuraiba ^^

So let's start with two similar ones... but both triggered the same thoughts in me... which is: Why is Aiba leaning so much in these scenes and my conclusion: to see Sho and his *** ^^ rofl

Okay the next one is a bit random but... since we are talking about Sakuraiba, I'm sure you know what's on my mind right now ^^ If not... Aiba is damn good in that!! Due to some practice??? *imagines something dirty, blushes and runs away*

As I said it wasn't much but it makes me smile every time I see these ^^

Credits uuum... not sure anymore but found it all on tumblr :3
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