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[modPost] Rules

Hello girls and girls~~~!! Sakuraiba`s fans and other pairings` fans~~~!! * yes I believe some people here love ohmiya too and so on~~~ *

Here is the Rules of this community, your moderators will be so happy if you follow it properly!!!..


-       This community is for Sakuraiba only, no other than sakuraiba relate entry will be here!.

-       It is a members-only community, but me and nophee-chan made for you 2 examples posts of what you will see here in this community, and they will be open.

-       Any member inside the community could post whatever she want, but the posts will need our permission first to be publish, so you need to wait some time to see your post up~!.

-       Because this community is a members-only community, please lock ALL your posts before submit them!!!, or we will not give it the permission~!.

-       For the fanfiction and fanart, you could post the material here, or just link it to your lj or community you post it there.

-       Please tag your posts, and choose the right tag for them~~!.

-       Please follow this format of the entries:

o    Fanfiction format

§  Subject : [Fanfic] -your title-

§  Author :

§  Genre :

§  Rating :

§  Summary :

o    Fanart Format

§  Subject : [Fanart] -your fanart type*/title-

§  *fanart type : icon, drawings, etc.

o    Fan Videos format

§  Subject : [Fanvid] -your fanvid title-

o    Other posts

§  Subject : [Fangirling] –your tittle-

Don't fight with each other, this all meant to be for FUN, * I believe Sakuraiba fans are sooo nice~!*… and please enjoy your staying here and be creative~!

if you are confuse about anything, just ask ^^

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