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[daily post] Aiba-chan being hentai (or just me... xD)

Hi guys, this post won't be long actually but since I got the chance to post something I wanted to share a few pictures that simply made me think about Sakuraiba ^^

So let's start with two similar ones... but both triggered the same thoughts in me... which is: Why is Aiba leaning so much in these scenes and my conclusion: to see Sho and his *** ^^ rofl

Okay the next one is a bit random but... since we are talking about Sakuraiba, I'm sure you know what's on my mind right now ^^ If not... Aiba is damn good in that!! Due to some practice??? *imagines something dirty, blushes and runs away*

As I said it wasn't much but it makes me smile every time I see these ^^

Credits uuum... not sure anymore but found it all on tumblr :3
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